Our passion shows in everything we do
The Tucker Family


Maple Leaf Farms will be a family business that benefits both the family and the company. We will continue to benefit from building our competencies into world-class leadership positions and to pursue the development of new business opportunities.





Photo: The Tucker Family, including Scott Tucker, Co-President; Terry Tucker, Chairman and CEO; John Tucker, Co-President




  • We encourage memorable family meals through our products
  • We encourage a balance between work and family through flexibility
  • We consider family to be an integral part of our culture



  • We consider the food we produce to be part of the joy of living
  • We demand that our products and services meet the highest standards of quality
  • We encourage our employees and their families to try and use our products



  • We believe that to truly break down silos of communication and enjoy the ultimate in team building, we must be friends and truly trust and enjoy each other
  • We encourage camaraderie between our employees
  • We encourage personal attention and friendships with our customers



  • We encourage the development of fun, exciting and interesting work roles so our employees look forward to coming to work each day
  • We encourage having a sense of humor
  • We encourage a clear balance of fun and work in all of our activities


Financial Security

  • We strive for consistent, company-wide profitability in order to provide employees with consistent financial security
  • We provide competitive compensation, career advancement opportunities and benefits programs



  • We believe in helping employees fulfill their career aspirations through training programs, career path development and educational support
  • We encourage creativity
  • We encourage empowerment