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Maple Leaf Farms was truly born of a sustainable idea. Of course, we didn’t call it sustainability then, but that principle was certainly at the heart of what our founder, Donald Wentzel, was trying to achieve when he started the company in 1958. As a poultry feed salesman in the Northeast, he had seen the great expense that Long Island duck producers went to in procuring and transporting feedstuffs to their operations. It made much more sense to him to raise ducks in the Midwest where corn and soybeans were readily available and where finished goods would be more centrally located to major markets throughout the country. He founded the company with the mission of producing products with "quality you can count on" and that is certainly something our family continues to focus on as we foster the business that he worked so hard to establish.
Maple Leaf Farms believes sustainability requires programs and systems that are ethically grounded, scientifically verified and economically viable. When these three elements operate in balance, we have systems that can be executed and programs that build consumer trust and confidence in Maple Leaf Farms.
Each year, our corporate sustainability team continues efforts to expand sustainability metrics and address a few impactful projects that can allow us to reduce our environmental impact and improve our resource management. Our sustainability efforts impact the farmers we partner with, our processing plants and the communities where our employees live, work and raise their families.

On the farm

  • Consolidating the Live Production supply chain
  • Providing natural fertilizer and irrigation water to local farmers
  • Reducing use of energy and other resources

In the plants

  • Reducing water use
  • Recycling and reducing waste
  • Improving energy efficiency

In the community

  • Contributing food and financial support to local charities
  • Volunteering time and treasure to community organizations
  • Preserving community landmarks & green spaces