Great meal ideas start with duck

Quick Tip
Planning a duck dinner? One whole duck serves 3-4 people. If used in a salad, stir-fry or casserole, one whole duck will feed 5-6 people.
Duck is a versatile and delicious alternative to other meats - and it's just as easy to prepare. With the cooking tips and videos found in this section, you can learn to make delicious duck dishes that will thrill your friends or family. You'll also find answers to many of your questions on our frequently asked questions page.

Not all ducks are equal when it comes to flavor! Read about different duck breeds and their flavor characteristics before you dive into cooking duck.

Since duck can be roasted, sauteed, braised, barbecued and even fixed in a crockpot, your ideas and creativity can run wild when cooking with duck. And the red, succulent meat stands up to any seasoning or ethnic flavor profile. The "Cooking Tips" section offers tips on everything from cooking a whole duck to preparing a duck breast or duck leg. Visit a particular product's page for basic cooking instructions or browse our delicious duck recipes.

And if you're still a little shy about cooking with duck, we have a great line of fully cooked duck products that simply need to be heated and served. We've done all the work for you.

So whether you're an experienced gourmet cook or an interested novice, Maple Leaf Farms has great resources, delicious duck recipes and the perfect product for you! Make your next meal a meal to remember with Maple Leaf Farms duck.