Not all ducks are the same
Maple Leaf Farms White Pekin Duck
There are many different breeds of duck and they don't all yield the same product. Maple Leaf Farms raises White Pekin ducks, which have a tender, mild flavor that is not as "gamey" as other types of duck marketed in the United States -- such as Muscovy, Moulard or Mallard.

White Pekin

White Pekin is the type of duck Maple Leaf Farms raises. It's the most popular breed raised in the United States. Years ago, White Pekin ducks were brought from China to Long Island, which served as the center of the U.S. duck industry. This is the origin of the term “Long Island Style,” which you may see on White Pekin duck packaging. White Pekin ducks offer a tender, mild meat that is preferred by most Americans and adapts to a wide range of flavor profiles and cuisines. See the healthy side of duck and how it compares to other meats.
The Mallard is a wild duck that is farm-raised on a limited basis. It is smaller and tougher than the Pekin. These ducks have very little fat, but often taste greasy. 
The Muscovy is a duck breed with large, meaty males and smaller females. The Muscovy has a much stronger flavor than the White Pekin and is often selected for its breast or liver, which is often used for foie gras.
The Moulard is a cross between a Muscovy duck and a White Pekin. The Moulard is larger and has a stronger, gamier taste than the Pekin. It can be stringy and chewy. This breed is usually selected for its liver for foie gras.